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Webinar: Engaging Baby Boomers: The Communications Tools, Technologies and Strategies

Title: Webinar: Engaging Baby Boomers: The Communications Tools, Technologies and Strategies Start Time: 09:00 AM PST Date: July 22, 2010 Register: here Description: If you target market are the 50+ Baby Boomer and Senior demographic, then join the Boomer Authority™ Association and International Mature Marketing Network for this important Webinar. In vast numbers increasing daily, baby boomers are utilizing all forms of new communications tools and social media technologies to communicate with family and friends, collaborate in teams, and cooperate with anyone they choose anywhere, anytime. Empowered and emboldened, this largely affluent demographic of 78 million in the U.S.—with spending power of $3 trillion annually and controlling 70%; of the U.S. wealth—is a powerful economic force. Boomers built our Knowledge Era and enjoy discussing products and companies, writing their own reviews, and finding and closing their own deals. And they are using these new communications tools and technologies spark conversations, solve problems and discover new solutions. Moderated by Nancy Shonka Padberg, CEO, Navigate Boomer Media, join industry Thought Leaders Mark Willaman, President of Senior and Lori Bitter, President, Continuum Crew—who are on Mature Marketing’s cutting edge—and hear them share their views on how you can to gain a foothold and enjoy your share of this booming marketplace. What you can expect to takeaway from the Webinar:

  1. Gain insights on how to leverage the communication tools, technologies and employ proven strategies

  2. Learn how to communicate your company’s value proposition directly to baby boomers and seniors

  3. Extend and expand your brand equity in ways that create brand loyalty

Sponsored by: | Navigate Boomer Media | Continuum Crew

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