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The Business of…the Baby Boomer Traveler

Kathy Dragon, CEO of, owner of The Dragon’s Path, & VP of Dragon Consulting Inc. Kathy has spent the past two decades in the center of the active, adventure and sustainable travel industry. As a tour operator and guide she has personally escorted over 3000 guests on small group tours around the globe and created programs in conjunction with local guides and properties. Kathy is a frequent international speaker and consultant in the travel industry specifically focusing on authentic/responsible travel and the influence of the Boomer & Beyond market…those who expect and are willing to invest in this new type of travel. A contributing author of BOOM: Marketing to the Ultimate Power Consumer—The Baby Boomer Woman, Kathy is a frequent speaker and creator of content for industry blogs, newsletters, podcasts and articles.

The Business of Aging with Lori Bitter January 31, 2012 – Season 2 – Episode 5: The Business of the Baby Boomer Traveler Guest: Kathy Dragon, CEO of Listen & download here

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