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The Business of…Grandparenting

This week on The Business of Aging radio show, I speak with guests Christine Crosby, publisher of GRAND magazine, the online magazine for grandparents, and Jonathan Micocci, the President of GRAND Media. The second show, The Business of …Grandparenting, looks at the enormous opportunity for marketers to reach older consumers as they enter the grandparenting lifestage.. Together with our special guests we also discuss the rich potential of digital publications, for advertisers reaching older consumers.

The Business of Aging with Lori Bitter April 19, 2011 – Episode 2: The Business of…Grandparenting Guests: Christine Crosby, Publisher of GRAND Magazine Jonathan Micocci, President of GRAND Media[audio:boa2.mp3|titles=The Business of Aging – Episode 2] mp3 download

GRAND – The Online Magazine for GRANDparents and GRANDTV. Christine is a high-energy entrepreneur, who began her entrepreneurial career in the 1970s. In 1984, Crosby formed Currier Davis Publishing and published a powerful and controversial child abuse prevention book and it set her on course to be a child and family advocate. Her interest in supporting families led to the launch of Family Journal Publications, a chain of family magazines in the Florida market. Titles included Central Florida Family, Jacksonville Family, Tampa Bay Family, and Black Family Today. These monthly magazines emerged at the head of a national wave of regional parenting publications. In 1995, Crosby sold Family Journal Publications to The Tribune Company. In 2003, after eight-years of retirement, Crosby assembled investors/partners and industry professionals to begin research and development of a national magazine to serve the new generation of Boomer Grandparents. In 2004 GRAND Magazine and its website, was born. In July of 2008, GRAND – The Online Magazine for GRANDparents was launched and in October 2008, GRAND went totally “green” by replacing the print edition with the digital magazine.

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