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The Business of Aging radio program on Positive World Radio Network

The reason I was compelled to do a radio program (other than jumping at the chance to going back to my roots in radio) was that I believe 2011 may be the tipping point in the business opportunities in aging, with approximately 78 million baby boomers in the U.S. hitting their peak of earning and spending. From the health care debate to the adoption of the iPad, to network executives recognizing the gold in the mature consumer target, there has been a great shift in focus on the aging of our country’s citizens. The volume is increasing on conversations nationwide about the implications of an aging population; such as the concept of aging in place and livable design, the challenges for caregivers and innovation in technologies serving elders.

With that, new agencies, consultants, publishers and manufacturers (with new products) emerge what seems to be nearly daily — all working to reach this important demographic. With this intensified focus comes a need for research, insight and thought leadership to inform strategy and practices.

So with this program I will be turning a spotlight on areas of business in the aging opportunity, from caregiving and product design to housing trends and social entrepreneurship and legacy. Through these interviews with experts in these areas – I think these contributors to the program are the smartest analysts, entrepreneurs and businesspeople focusing on aging consumers and their needs- we will talk current research, best resources and practices created to fill the needs of the mature market. My aim for each show is to translate the trends and data into actionable strategies for listeners.

I invite you to either listen live here, each week on Tuesdays 8:00 a.m. (Pacific) / 11:00 a.m. (Eastern), or download it thereafter. Find out each week how the aging majority is shaping the zeitgeist of the country, creating a seismic shift in our worldview and what are its ramifications for business, creating opportunities for all types of goods and services.

Also, I would like to hear your ideas for future programs and your questions for me or upcoming guests (please post in the comments) and we’ll discuss them on air.

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