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Super Bowl Ads – 1st Half Review

The first half of the Super Bowl is complete and the ads are in. This might be the first year I enjoyed the football more than the advertising. Tru TV and FLO TV stood out for me as smart and interesting spots. And I’m talking about FLO TV’s My Generation spot which had wonderful storytelling qualities, a great anthem and had intergenerational energy and values. And I’ll give a nod to Honda for consumer generated content and an idea that represented the brand.

I think the network did a horrible job of pairing ads in the breaks. Did we really see two spots back to back with men in no pants? Seriously? And neither very good. And back as a theme – hen-pecked men/bad men: Teleflora, FLO TV and the Dodge Charger. It all makes me want to stuff Doritos and finish my Bud.

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