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Radio Interview, Generation Reinvention with Brent Green

This week I had the pleasure to be invited on the program to discuss the western ‘age wave’ that demands new thinking about marketing, advertising and product development, locally and internationally. During the conversation we address the many forthcoming challenges and opportunities between the collision of aging and business in a global marketplace.

Listen here for my interview with Brent Green of PWRN Radio’s Generation Reinvention.

This weekly one-hour radio program gives listeners astute glimpses into the future that Boomers are busily reinventing, from astonishing advancements in healthy aging to cohousing communities focused on maintaining independence and engagement. It is an engaging search for business opportunities and solutions to myriad challenges related to societal aging, listeners can expect lively, thought-provoking, occasionally humorous debates. Host Brent Green has on the program leading experts in fields as diverse as neuroscience, product branding and encore careers bring their unique perspectives into lively conversations as Brent searches with them for obvious and hidden signposts of significant change.

More about Generation Reinvention With Brent Green: Listeners can also expect to find out how they can improve marketing communications, product and service development, nonprofit value, and public policies, while discovering emerging opportunities for personal reinvention and business creation. The next few chapters of western society will include Baby Boomers as leading protagonists as Generation Reinvention continues to change the meaning of business, marketing, aging, and consumerism. Accurately forecasting the Boomer future has substantial monetary implications for numerous industries, as well as members of a generation committed to living more vital and relevant lives from now through the coming decades. Some choose to see nothing but problems with Boomer aging. Brent Green’s compelling weekly conversations with leading experts will bring listeners closer to extraordinary opportunities.

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