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Living a Life of Passion and Purpose Workshop, June 17

Barbara is holding another one of these great workshops. Our go-to coach at Continuum Crew, executive and life coach Barbara Waxman works with adults at midlife ‘and better’. It is especially relevant as we hear of the redefining of retirement, another stage of adult development and the minds of those in that life phase turning towards thoughts about their legacy.

Some of you may have been lucky enough to catch Barbara’s session at the recently held ASA conference, where there was standing room only. If you are local or will be in to the San Francisco bay area, don’t miss it. One attendee called it a “spa day for the soul”. We asked Barbara to describe this workshop, full details below.

Living a Life of Passion and Purpose June 17, 2011 Kentfield, CA (Marin) 9am-3:30pm. Lunch and all materials provided For questions or to enroll contact:

We govern our lives with rules, lists, checks and balances; yet many of us don’t apply that same principle of discipline to laying out a path for our own personal journey, particularly when our definition of meaningful work may have changed along the span of midlife. In a recent landmark U.S. study on the sense of happiness, the essential element was not wealth, losing those last ten pounds or the number of friends. Those that self-identified as happiest all had lives that they felt ‘had purpose’. Whether this is a calling, a faith or a mission, a life with purpose is attainable by everyone.

Who will benefit

  1. Anyone with a desire to recalibrate their life, within their means and capabilities, to be one enriched and guided by a sense of purpose.

  2. Anyone looking for a renewed enthusiasm they can bring to work or their home life.

  3. Anyone who wants to be more conscious and deliberate in his or her life choices, and to align those goals with their true values.


  1. A reference frame for selecting the aspects and elements necessary for you to feel you are living with passion and purpose.

  2. Get to know the stranger and best friend who is you; and leave with a roadmap for making choices aligned with your values.

Barbara Waxman is an expert on the subject of midlife and older adults as they navigate major transitions in career and life. As ‘America’s favorite coach for adults, midlife and better,’ she has dedicated her life’s work to helping people 40 and better to harness their personal and professional goals, navigate life’s transitions and use their wisdom to discover their highest potential in the second half of life. She guides and empowers others to live with passion and purpose as they embark on their life’s journey.

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