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Join me at the 7th Annual Silicon Valley Boomer Venture Summit

If you are an entrepreneur, marketer or corporate strategists targeting the mature consumer, this is a must attend event. Produced by Mary Furlong & Associates, The Silicon Valley Boomer Venture Summit and Business Plan Competition is taking place at Santa Clara University on Tuesday June 15 and Wednesday 16, 2010. The event brings together entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, industry analysts and business leaders in the field of aging to create a unique forum to explore business ideas, share trends and best practice information and design products and services that will serve the baby boomer market in the coming years.

Among the topics addressed by the gathered leaders about serving or investing in companies that will serve the boomer market are where and why venture capitalists are investing heavily in the boomer market and how key analysts segment the market and evaluate opportunities.

The Summit agenda is designed to deliver best practices in reaching the boomer consumer. Among the agenda’s sessions and boot camps are:

  1. ‘How to Finance Your Start-Up’ with Vijay Nadkarni, President and CEO of San Jose-based Wellcore and Randy Paynter, CEO, Care2.

  2. ‘Linking In and Connecting Around the World’ with James Datri, President and CEO of the American Advertising Federation.

  3. ‘How To Reach Boomers Through Print, Online, Radio And Social Media, Boomers are embracing new media while maintaining a connection with traditional media, making them accessible through a mix of marketing and advertising strategies. Learn how to maximize your impact by bringing the right strategies to the right media, with myself, Mark Gordon, President & CEO, firstSTREET, Stuart Rosenthal, Founder, Beacon Newspapers and Nancy Shonka Padberg, CEO, Navigate Boomer Media.

  4. ‘Women in Power’: A Discussion of the Influence of the Woman Boomer Consumer’, with Maddy Dychtwald, author of Influence: How Women’s Soaring Economic Power Will Transform Our World for the Better.

  5. ‘The The Roadmap: Navigating AARP’ learn of all their resources available to empower businesses to better engage, serve and communicate with the 50+ market.

  6. ‘How to Accelerate Sales and Success in Your Organization: Large or Small’, with Joni Evans, CEO, wowOwow and others.

  7. ‘Gaming in the Social Space’, there lies a huge opportunity to connect not only with your boomer customer, but with their entire social network of like–minded boomers through gaming in social networks, with myself and Rajat Paharia, Founder, Bunchball.

  8. ‘Building Your Business Through Social Responsibility’–By broadening your long–term business perspective and incorporating public interest into your decision–making process, you can recruit and retain higher quality employees, establish a culture of honesty within the workplace and differentiate your business from the competition. Learn how your business can thrive by keeping an eye on the triple bottom line: people, planet and profit, with Brooks Kenny, Chief Marketing Officer, Lotsa Helping Hands, and moderated by Mary Furlong, CEO, Mary Furlong & Associates

  9. Spotlight with Gail Sheehy, Author of Passages in Caregiving: Turning Chaos into Confidence. She’s one of the finest chroniclers of the boomer experience, providing a voice for a generation at key moments in life. Her newest book reflects on a new experience for millions of boomers: providing care for loved ones as they age, turning husbands, wives and adult children into full–time caregivers.

Also, don’t miss the Business Plan Competition, where five finalist entrepreneur groups will compete for the $10,000 grand prize by presenting their boomer business plans before a panel judges comprised of leaders in the field of aging and venture capital community. Finalists include devices for a targeted radiotherapy system that wherein tumors signal their location during treatment, providing more accurate treatments with fewer side effects; a non–invasive detect for obstructive sleep apnea; a medical device that dramatically reduces the muscular forces required to walk, enabling some wheelchair–users to be upright and mobile, and many more products and services that could soon dominate in the aging market.

Get the full agendas here: Day1-Boot Camp and Agenda-Day2

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