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Happy Older Americans Month!

Continuum Crew is joining communities nationwide in celebrating this month with special activities:

  1. Special series of tweets encouraging followers to:

  2. Share their “Age Strong! Live Long!” tips, and more

  3. Links to stories profiling an older American who embodies the annual theme and is making great contributions to their community

  4. Multiple ‘Boomers in the Wild’ blog posts of Q&A interviews with outstanding older Americans who share their wisdom and how they live this year’s theme each and every day, and who can provide special insight into the contributions of older Americans

  5. Campaign logo placement on Continuum Crew website and outgoing email messages

  6. Continuum Crew 2010 Baby Boomer Outlook List

Inspired by the annual fall ‘Beloit College Mindset List’: an interesting and entertaining list designed with the intention to help college professors get a better understanding of their incoming freshmen students. With 10,000 Americans turning 60 each day, and already outnumbering teenagers in this country, a better understanding of these citizens is always valuable. Continuum Crew will develop a similar list to illuminate the richness of experience, and celebrate, older Americans. In what we hope will be both fascinating and fun, our sharing of this list with media will be done with the goal of generating attention about this treasured group and provoking discussion.

To learn more about May is Older Americans Month, visit:

How will you be celebrating? Tell us on Facebook: Continuum Crew – Engaging Consumers > 40.

If you are local to Washington, DC, join in the Age Strong! Live Long! Walk on the National Mall on May 27th. You can learn more and register here.

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