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‘Graywashing’ tackled in The Journal on Active Aging

From the latest issue of the Journal on Active Aging, is the article Tackling Graywashing: What Drives It, How to  Recognize and Avoid It

In the article, Marilynn Larkin writes that products that purport to ‘combat’ aging treat older adults as though they’re damaged goods — and many organizations that claim to be ‘senior friendly,’ aren’t.

Shortly after the launch of the International Council on Active Aging (ICAA)’s Changing the Way We Age® Campaign, ICAA CEO Colin Milner was researching his book chapter for the World Economic Forum. “In our ICAA publications and press releases about the campaign, we had rightly pointed out that Boomers and their parents are finally becoming a market force,” Milner says. “But the downside to that development is that many companies are now jumping on the bandwagon with products that are completely inappropriate for older adults.” With that, he came up with a word—graywashing—to describe the phenomenon.

Now the article has been made available online. You can read it here

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