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GrandCare System’s Aging & Technology Webinar: Paid Search & Search Engine Optimizat

If you are in the aging and technology space, you may already know GrandCare System’s webinars are very good. On a recent call, during the Q&A, many questions came up regarding paid search & search engine optimization. The GrandCare System team approached us to talk about these topics, offering a primer on what they were, how to determine using them make sense for you, what they can do for your business and what you need to do to be found and noticed by your customers online.  Join us tomorrow and bring more of those questions! Topic: Paid Search (PPC) & SEO 101 Date: Thursday, June 2nd, 2011 Time: 2pm EDT (1pm CDT / 12p MDT / 11am PDT) Location: Take-away Points:

  1. Paid Search & SEO: How they can be used and the differences they can make for your business.

  2. Get a better understanding of the costs to execute Paid Search and SEO strategies

  3. Steps for getting started with Paid Search and SEO

Click here for the invite & more information.

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