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Digital Lives of Boomers: Reaching Them Online (eMarketer Report)

eMarketer, the business information service that provides research and trend analysis on digital marketing and media, has offered for purchase this report Digital Lives of Boomers: Reaching Them Online

Report Introduction:

Baby boomers were the first TV generation and later, the first PC generation. They use technology differently than younger generations, but they are avid users. Marketers need to understand boomers’ current life stages as well as their digital habits to score with this huge cohort.

The baby boomers grew up being chased by marketers and advertisers that tailored products and brands to appeal to them. Now the median age of this cohort is 55, and boomers seem to have dropped off many marketers’ radar.

Boomers’ lives are going in many different directions, as empty-nesters, step-parents, grandparents and caregivers. Depending on their feeling of economic security, they may be second-career entrepreneurs or just hanging on to a job until retirement—which is now likely to occur around age 70.

For all of these roles, the internet and digital media are absolutely essential. Some 78.2% of this cohort is online, nearly 60 million adults, eMarketer estimates. Even as their numbers decline, that penetration rate will remain high

through 2015. Their life stages motivate the ways this generation utilizes the internet’s communications, entertainment and shopping opportunities.

Boomers control more than $2 trillion in annual spending, but marketers beware: Brand loyalty is a myth for this generation. Boomers are constantly trying new brands and products that suit their changing life stages and styles. Marketers that still see 25- to 54-year-olds as their oldest target market are taking boomers for granted—and risking their brand’s success.

Key questions this report answers:

  1. How do baby boomers use the internet differently from other age groups?

  2. What other kinds of technology do boomers use?

  3. What forms of social media appeal most to boomers?

  4. How do you talk to an audience that avoids advertising?

Purchase and download the report here

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