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“Defining Ageless Marketing” in Canvas8

Just about to embark on a plane in Las Vegas, returning from the NAHB’s 50+ Lifestyle event at IBS. Just learned that my first article “Defining Ageless Marketing” has appeared on Canvas8 website. They approached me to write a series of articles on strategies for marketing to mature consumers. In the first article I reference David B. Wolfe’s term ‘ageless market’ and examine a values-based approach that will resonate with the older market.

Canvas8 is a global trends service that draws from myriad people from many disciplinary backgrounds to offer insight into attitudes and behavior. They encourage a deeper understanding of people so brands can more effectively engage with their audience. Their research is always in the context of how it affects people and, consequently, brands. They aim to have this research foster the creation of engaging brand strategies that will resonate with your target audience.

If you are a member of Canvas8 you can see the entire article at: The next will appear mid-February.

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