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ADVantage, The 50+ Individual

Why go? The needs and routines of today’s 50+ population continue to change rapidly, as more and more people live longer, start families later in life, and prolong retirement. These factors have created a world where those 50+ play an increasingly critical role by nature of their own decisions, as well as their influence on the decisions made by their children and older parents. AARP is exploring how the new 50+ population is impacting the face of the American family, and how to respond to its evolving needs, responsibilities, and aspirations.

So, to better learn how to serve, inform and engage Americans 50 and older, AARP, in collaboration with Advertising Age and Google, is producing Advantage: The 50+ Individual, to understand how to better serve, inform and engage Americans 50+.

Takeaways are:

  1. Attain valuable insights into the wants and needs of the 50+ population from experts

  2. Better understand how the 50+ individual’s role as influencer and decision maker for three generations of family (themselves, their parents and their children) affects the marketplace

  3. Learn how to build greater relevance in these people’s lives by meeting their needs

  4. Exclusive access to a white paper co-authored by AARP and Advertising Age – for addressing the 50+ population, and receive quarterly electronic communications from AARP with relevant updates

  5. How to more effectively communicate with the 50+ population

  6. White paper co-authored by AARP and Advertising Age (released in April 2011 with advanced copies to all attendees) on the behaviors and habits of the 50+ population

Who benefits from attending: The content of ADVantage: The 50+ Individual is aimed at brand marketers in corporate and social organizations such as: Marketing Brand Managers, Researchers, Media Planners and Buyers, Agency Account Managers, Entrepreneurs. It is for anyone looking to strengthen their brand’s position with the 50+ individual.

Register: here

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