Developing Innovative Strategies

Achieving Growth in Longevity


Develop a strategic framework to understand your consumer/user experience and the sources of customer satisfaction. Create innovative thinking that informs the personality of your brand and draws consumers.


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About Us

The world's most lucrative consumers are aging, but your strategies shouldn't be. Accelerate new thinking, inject innovation, add mature consumer focus, and engage older consumers in a meaningful and profitable way.

What We Offer

Lifestage Insights

More than any other factor, lifestage changes create discrete consumer moments that can be meaningful for your business.

Generational Research

Learn what we know about how the generations approach social media, technology, the workplace and more.

Knowledge & Expertise

President and Senior Strategist of the Business of Aging has spent more than 20 years studying and marketing to mature consumers.


Lori Bitter is a seasoned trend analyst in the field of aging. She has been featured on Canvas8, Engage Boomers, Wall Street Journal, USA Today and Newsweek.


Bring Lori to your organization, in person or virtually. Or let us create an event featuring experts in mature consumer space.

Our Clients

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Learn how the aging population is reshaping our economy and why traditional marketing stopped working.


Grab your copy of The New Consumer Manifesto: Why Old is New, and Young is Old.

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